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Trade Committee cooperation Project

What is unfair trade practice?

  • Examples of unfair trade practices include
    • Manufacture, sale, import and export of intellectual property rights infringing products
    • Acts of importing and exporting goods that violate the indication of origin
    • Acts of importing and exporting goods with false or exaggerated display of quality, etc.
    • Non-fulfillment of import/export contract terms and import/export of goods different from the contract


  • Although unfair trade practices are becoming more intelligent and complex, in order to overcome the difficult situation in which it is difficult to detect violations due to the lack of information on investigative personnel and distribution networks, the Trade Commission is operating 19 business groups as “Unfair Trade Reporting Centers”. TIPA is acting as a secretariat.
  • Through this work, domestic industries can be protected and fair trade order can be established.

The Role of the Unfair Trade Practices Reporting Center

  • Monitoring and trend analysis of products in the relevant industry
  • Collecting data necessary to prove unfair trade practices
  • Receipt of reports of unfair trade practices
  • Report on allegations of unfair trade practices and application for investigation

How to report

  • Anyone who is aware of the facts related to unfair trade practices and has specific information and evidence can report it.
  • You can fill out an investigation application form within two years from the date on which the unfair trade practice occurred and submit it by mail or visit to the Trade Commission or each reporting center.
  • Contact
    • Address : 6th floor, Korea Customs Society Building, 20 Eonju-ro 129-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06104)
    • E-mail :
    • Tel : 02-3445-3761

Processing Procedure

  • (Applicant/Report Center) Application for Investigation (Trade Committee) Decision on whether to commence Investigation (Trade Committee) Investigation * (Trade Committee) Sanctions Decision
  • When an application is received, it is decided whether to initiate an investigation within 20 days, and whether an unfair trade practice is applicable within 6 months.
  • The role of the trade committee
    • Temporary measures : If irreparable damage is expected to occur, measures such as cessation of import and export may be taken even before the final judgment.
    • Sanctions: Effective remedies are available for unfair trade practices such as corrective actions (suspension of import/export/sales activities, exclusion of importation or disposal, publication, etc.) and the imposition of fines.


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