Intellectual Property Infringement Diagnosis Program (Type B)

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Intellectual Property Infringement Diagnosis Program (Type B)

What is Infringement Diagnosis?

  • As part of the market monitoring program for goods directly imported by domestic distributors' partners, the purpose is to prevent counterfeit goods from being distributed by intellectual property rights holders, distributors, and TIPA in cooperation.
  • This program is available to both member and non-member companies. However, in the case of non-member companies, they must go through the process of checking whether they are a distributor before applying for infringement diagnosis.
  • Domestic distributors can use this program in the pre-distribution stage to prevent consumer disputes due to unintentional sales of counterfeit products.

How to apply

  • Distributors wishing to use this program should apply with the information below.
    • Application : Applicant information, target company information, target product information (brand/model/item/quantity), sales type
      ※ Application form :
    • Documents to be submitted : Documents proving the fact of overseas distribution and import
      (ex. Customs import declaration certificate, invoice, purchase receipt, etc.)
    • Contact
      Address : 6th floor, Korea Customs Society Building, 20 Eonju-ro 129-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (06104)
      E-mail :
      Tel : 02-3445-3761

Processing date

  • (Processing stage) Check the list of requested products at the TIPA office, prepare for diagnosis by reviewing risk factors for each brand and item, visit the site where the product is stored and conduct a diagnosis, and check the results. It proceeds in three steps to organize and notify the applicant.
  • (Processing period) Normally, it takes about 10 business days in total for the 3rd stage process. However, depending on the quantity, it may take an additional 5 days. If the period is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances, the reason and required period will be closely discussed with the applicant.

Comparison of TIPA intellectual property infringement inspection types