Support for crackdown on market distribution stage

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Support for crackdown on market distribution stage

What is market distribution stage crackdown support?

  • This is an activity that supports the detection of imported goods that infringe on intellectual property rights in markets such as mail-order stores and shopping centers. It is to collect information on infringers or goods necessary for crackdown on a regular basis, and to participate in the process when related agencies such as the Korea Customs Service and the Korean Intellectual Property Office conduct on-site crackdowns.
  • It has the effect of preventing consumer damage by detecting products that infringe on intellectual property rights in the market.

How to do work

  • (Collection of Infringement Information) Since TIPA has intellectual property rights and commercial distributors as members, it collects and analyzes a lot of infringement information they have and provides them to enforcement agencies. In some cases, we receive reports of infringement from members or consumers, or we purchase infringing products directly from the market and conduct an appraisal to provide relevant information to the enforcement agency or request investigation.
  • (Participation in on-site crackdown) TIPA's expert appraisal participates in on-site crackdown on market distribution by enforcement agencies and cooperates with intellectual property right holders to identify evidence of infringement and assess whether it is authentic or not.
  • (Annual Report Publication) TIPA, in cooperation with the Korea Customs Service, has been publishing an annual report summarizing the results of infringement enforcement at the customs clearance stage every year since 2016 and providing it to member companies and related organizations.