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Intellectual Property Law

What is Intellectual Property Law?

  • Also known as intellectual property law, it is a law that stipulates the legal rights and obligations of human intellectual creations worthy of protection. It can be broadly classified into the Industrial Property Act (under the jurisdiction of the Korean Intellectual Property Office: Patent Act, Trademark Act, Design Protection Act, etc.) and the Copyright Act (the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism).

Patent law

  • It aims to promote technological development and contribute to industrial development by protecting and encouraging inventions.

Trademark law

  • By granting the exclusive right to use the trademark, the purpose is to protect the interests of the trademark holder and consumers' trust in product selection.

Design Protection Act

  • The law is intended to protect design rights, prevent unfair trade, and encourage creative design development.

Copyright law

  • Its purpose is to protect the rights of authors (copyrights) and adjacent rights (neighboring rights) regarding creations, and to promote fair use of works, thereby contributing to the development of culture and related industries.