About TIPA



정남기 회장

The 「Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights Protection Association」 (TIPA) is a private organization (non-profit association) established to protect intellectual property created by creative companies that have developed human civilization for a long time and costly from so-called counterfeiting.

Among the various organizations for intellectual property protection, our association was launched to protect suppliers and domestic and foreign consumers who participate in trade activities.

Our association consists of domestic and foreign intellectual property holders and companies that import or distribute legal goods as members, so that fake foreign brand products imported from abroad and fake overseas brand products from Korea to foreign countries that undermine Korea's credibility and credibility of creative companies We are working hard to prevent K-brand products from crossing borders and being distributed in the market.

Until a decade ago, Korea was a 'country subject to surveillance of intellectual property rights violations'. In other words, it was a country that made counterfeit products in the international community, a country that should be closely watched. Our association, which was launched under these circumstances, has contributed to the development of Korea into a leading country in the protection of intellectual property rights in the world by carrying out activities to prevent the distribution of counterfeit goods at the import and export sites and in the market by linking private member companies with related organizations such as the Korea Customs Service.

Going forward, we will further strengthen cooperation with member companies and related organizations to further enhance the effectiveness of these counterfeit product distribution prevention activities. We look forward to your interest and participation.

President, Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights Protection Association 정남기