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Secretariat / Committee



Division Composition Mission
Intellectual Property Committee Fashion Subcommittee Fashion industry
right holder member company
Suggestion of system improvement for protection of intellectual property rights for each industry and establishment of action plan
Comprehensive subcommittee Member companies with rights holders such as automobiles, electronics, and printing
Counterfeit goods import/export/distribution
prevention committee (CAC)
Enforcement Support Subcommittee right holder member company Provision of counterfeit information to enforcement agencies
Market Monitoring Subcommittee Import and export member companies Monitoring of counterfeit goods exporters, importers and sellers at the customs clearance stage and market distribution stage
Consumer Protection Subcommittee special member company Report counterfeit products and protect consumers

* What is CAC?

The Committee for Anti-Counterfeiting (CAC), an internal committee of TIPA, is an organization for mutual information exchange and collaboration between intellectual property rights holders, importers and exporters, and distributors.